K was off on Friday for the end-of-the-year water day at PE.  The kids asked him to bring his three-man slingshot and water balloons.  But, by the time the kids had slowed down their water gun fights, they had gotten into the balloons and used them all.  So, there was no sling-shotting (?) to be had.  After the water fight, we took the kids home to shower and clean up quickly before we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant. 

Saturday was A’s last t-ball game.  He’d been very concerned about getting a trophy.  He said it’s not fair that the girls have some and he doesn’t.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, being that this is our first sport ever.  But, sure enough, he was handed a trophy after the game.  He was very excited and now wants his daddy to build him a shelf to hold it like the girls have in their rooms.

Saturday night we had the grandmas and K’s sister and her husband over.  K made dinner and his sister brought a mint chocolate cake for dessert.  I had made little photobooks of this last year for both of our moms.  They seemed to really like them.  They included pics from our trip to Disney in January and some different school things we did this last year.  It was a nice time and everyone left with a full-belly.


On Sunday, the kids gave me beautiful yellow roses (my favorite) and two gorgeous pictures with music notes and bible verses on them.  They are just beautiful!  They also made tons of art work and cards to give me.  They are so sweet and generous with their art work!

Mom went to church with us.  I think she enjoyed the service.  Our pastor’s mother spoke and I really enjoyed her view of our jobs as a mother.  After church, we went to a little historic town near our house and had a nice lunch with mom.  We walked over to the General Store and a few other antique stores.  Mom bought the kids ice cream and a small toy each. 

While we were eating ice cream, A said, “This is the best day ever.  Ice cream and two toys.  That’s a great day.”  And it was.


At the end of the day I whispered to each one of my sweet children that the best part of being a mom was that they are my kids and that I get to spend each day teaching them and loving on them.   I am so blessed.  This is my dream life and I’m so happy to be right where I am.



I have been a homeschool mama for 3 years now.  I have been through so many curriculum choices for every subject.  It’s taken me years, but I know what I want.  When I think of History, I want something that is literature-rich.  Something that really gets my kids excited about history.  It has to have the ability to be used in a multi-grade level family. 

I enjoy the idea of reading to my children above their level, and having books for them to read alone on their own reading levels.  I feel like that stretches their understanding and challenges them to really think.  I like a program that has questions to hold the kids accountable for remembering what they learn. 

I like a program that includes instructions for me that guide me through the week.  Sometimes I have a lot of time to prepare for the week, and sometimes I don’t.  When the instructions and answer keys are right in front of me, I feel like I can get more done. 

I want my History program to cover Kindergarten through 12th grade in a 4 year rotating pattern.  How wonderful not to have to search each year for a new program!  We already have what we need now for all three kids, thorough their whole education.  When there’s a four year rotating pattern, we can approach the year excited for what we’re going to learn.  Each cycle gives the kids new layers to add to what they learned last pass through.

I want my history program to include other subjects.  It’s nice for the kids to have “ah-ha” moments because they see a timeline with a specific event on it while they are reading about the same event in their history book.

Years of testing different programs and styles, have brought me to where I am now- I true Tapestry of Grace believer.   Check it out and see if it meets your family’s needs.

Tapestry of Grace


For some reason, my button and links aren’t working.  Until I have time to figure out what the problem is, anyone who wants to order TOG can use my affiliate code at checkout.  It’s TOGLAMON. 

You can also plug it in at the bottom of the bookshelf page where it reads: Share & Save Code.  Then the info is plugged in and you don’t have to re-enter it each time you check out.


Thank you!


I am planning on doing a short series on why I am so excited about using Tapestry of Grace this year.  I am slowly working on getting all my thoughts organized and I’m adding my affliate button to my side bar.  In the mean time, feel free to look into the curriculum for yourself.

Be sure and click on the link below to give me credit for being the person who directed you to the site.

The people who produce “Tapestry of Grace” have put the three weeks of everything they produce online for free.  They’re offering a complete mini-unit on ancient Egypt, which consists of the first three weeks of “Tapestry of Grace,” specially prepared evaluations materials, a comprehensive writing program, customized maps, hands-on lap books, and their unique new “Pop Quiz,” which provides audio CDs so dads can come up to speed on what the family is studying each week.  Here’s a link to the new “Go to Egypt” site:

Go to Egypt Site

If you don’t have high-speed internet, they will send it all on a disc, for free.  Get the disk here:

Free Tapestry of Grace Disk


So many things are going on around here…

A has started t-ball.  This is his first season playing a sport, so we knew it’d be fun to watch the games.  The first game he mostly squatted and dug in the dirt.  The second game he stayed standing (after a talking to by his daddy!) and just stared when the ball came near him.  The third game was better.  He was playing first base and we had to yell for him to pay attention several times out of fear he’d be hit in the head by the ball his teammate threw to him.   He’s making progress…


B’s competition season is over, thank goodness.  It was a very drama-filled year.  She did really well in her performances, but there were a lot of nervous tears along the way.  We weren’t having very much fun at all.  I was lonely with no other moms to talk to, and she was a ball of nerves with no one else to distract her.  I finally talked to her the competition before her last and we figured out that she still loves to compete, but that it wasn’t very much fun doing solos.  So, the solution is that we plan on letting her try out for the dance team at her dance school.

At one of the competitions she competed her solo, our dance team was there.  They were so sweet to her and complimented her on her techinique.  They really made her feel like a part of the group already.   She’ll be in sixth grade this fall, so it’s the right time.  I think she’s ready for the commitment.  It’s between 5 and 6 hours of classes a week, so she’ll be at the school on her own a lot.  I know I can trust her to behave and make good choices.  It’ll be a lot of fun to have friends at competitions again.


C is changing so much.  She’s at the age where she’s trying to decide if she’s a big girl like her sister or if she still likes princesses.  Some of the things she says surprises me, because she is so little physically, that you forget she’s almost 7 years old. 

Her schoolwork has been way too easy for her this year.  I’ve been looking into ramping it up this fall for her.  Speaking of the fall, I’ve done some curriculum changes and scheduling changes.  I’ll write about that next time, though.



This was in my e-mail box on the Alpha Omega newletter.  I thought it was worth sharing.

Wanted:  Homeschooling Teacher 

“Thy God hath commanded thy strength: strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.” (Psalm 68:28)

Have you ever thought about how an advertisement would read for a homeschool teacher? If truthfully stated, the ad would probably go something like this:

Now accepting applications―

Family seeking fun-loving, godly homeschool teacher. Applicant will be responsible for providing total educational development and daily personal care for children of multiple ages. Applicant will assume the following roles: cook, housemaid, nurse, taxi driver, administrative assistant, accountant, athletic coach, social director, computer technician, household and automotive repairman, gardener, course instructor in multiple subject areas and grade levels, and various other responsibilities. This is a full-time position―approximately 120 hours or more per week.

Qualified candidates must be able to work well under pressure, multi-task, and prioritize work loads while maintaining a friendly, enthusiastic attitude. Quick thinking, good memory, and a varied background in extensive subject matter are a must. Promising candidates will be resourceful, adjust easily to distractions, and display creative, hard-working leadership abilities. Organizational and problem solving skills are a plus. Previous teaching experience and/or college preferred, but not required.

If you’re interested in working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, this is the position for you! For more information on this exciting opportunity to earn fulfilling, one-of-a-kind rewards, please apply in person today.

After reading the above qualifications, no wonder many parents walk away from this employment opportunity. Who can measure up to these standards? Praise God, you can! As you step out in faith and yield your weaknesses to God’s strength, you’ll not only get the job, you’ll also successfully homeschool and discover the fantastic benefits of teaching your children at home. “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” (Ephesians 6:10)

Homeschooling seems overwhelming and there’s so much to learn. Like the new guy on the job, teach me what I need to know to successfully homeschool with Your wisdom, strength, and power. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Tonight my son ran in the schoolroom, after being tucked in twice, to tell me, “When you washed my hair, you got water in my ears.  Then Dad told me to brush my teeth, go potty and get a drink.  (He’s counting the things off with his fingers)  But because of the water in my ears (Mom’s fault), I didn’t hear him say brush my teeth.”

I grinned and said, “So you need to brush your teeth?  Well, go do that real quick.”

“Yeah,” he screams as he runs down the hall,  “and I also forgot to go potty and get a drink.”

So, if he has cavities later in life, it was my fault for using water to wash his hair. 

Now you know…